Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The beginning...

So... the whole point of this adventure is going to be my personal food blog. I have created a fair number of wonderfully delicious recipes that I need to share. My rule of thumb for food is this: if someone else normal wouldn't eat it, neither will I. No funky flour flavors, no unnatural ingredients, no more suffering with odd food! I refuse to adjust to weird flavors just based on the fact that gluten makes me ill. I submit that whatever you are eating should taste good. I try all my recipes on my gluten-loving friends before dubbing them worthy. So, if you love gluten, then by all means, you'll love the recipes here. But I want to share my yummy creations with all my GF friends out there, and of course my family (isn't it great that Celiac's is genetic? Thanks, Dad for spreading the Gluten Free love). Feel free to browse, comment, and enjoy!

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Just because it's gluten free, doesn't mean it can't be delicious