Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Eternal Debate on Flour... sigh

Everyone is going to have a different personal preference, and I completely understand that. In my opinion GF flours should not add funky smells or tastes to my food, like garbanzo bean flour (NASTY). I know that many people love the Red Mill gluten free homemade bread whatever mix, but I can't tolerate the bean flour flavor. I tried. Couldn't take it anymore. SO, personally I found that I really like the Eating Gluten Free mixes. Note that it says, "Life tastes good again." Yeah, life does taste good again. No weird flavors or aftertastes, well there is a slight rice taste, but if you flavor your bread with anything you won't even notice. I use the pizza and bread mix as a substitute for wheat flour in experimenting with baking recipes. You can find it HERE. Unfortunately, you can only find it in health food stores in Idaho and Utah. But you can get it online (hence the link). But I'm sure whatever GF mix you like will work great. So go ahead and experiment.

Take Luck!

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carolynhowarth said...

I do use the Bob's Red Mill All Purpose (bean-based) flour, but only in my brownies and banana bread. You cannot taste the beaniness if the other flavors are strong enough. My brownies are AWESOME, too! I feed them to everyone and nobody can tell they are anything but regular brownies. I think the bean flours lend a moistness to baked goods that you can't get with the rice-based flours. That said, a brown rice flour mix is my favorite for everything else - no weird flavors.

Just because it's gluten free, doesn't mean it can't be delicious